Lorean Cairns

While Lorean Cairns may be best known as the CEO and mastermind leading Fox & Jane, she began her career as an in demand stylist behind the chair. It is with her passion for creating beautiful hair, setting trends and leading others in business that has enabled her to grow Fox & Jane to what it is now. Lorean leads the way again with Workshop, a collaborative space that brings together today’s top Artists and Educators in our industry. Being ahead of the trends and creating a career out of coaching, Lorean brings her Business and technical talents to the stage of Workshop. You will find Lorean’s classes empowering and relevant to today’s ever evolving trends. Her knowledge of Advanced Consultations and highly sought after Leadership classes will give stylist an edge in their career. One to never overlook the importance of creating a space tailored to our clients best interests, Lorean shares her strategies that will take every stylist to the next level.

Nikki Dominguez

Nikki Dominguez joins Lorean and the Fox & Jane family with an extensive background in education and business development. Nikki began her career in Colorado as a highly sought after stylist and quickly discovered her love and talent for education. Nikki brings with her years of experience in program development, leadership and training expertise. With a unique ability to understand and find the struggle in a learning process, Nikki is best known for breaking down an approach to deliver a memorable learning experience. Nikki’s drive comes from bridging talent with knowledge, leading stylists to a well rounded and satisfying career. Believing that when you know all the rules…you know how to break them, Nikki’s sharp translations and creative classes break the rules of the traditional approach. Welcomed into the Fox & Jane family Nikki takes on the role for both In-house education and Workshop development. Lorean and Nikki collaborate in this exciting space where creativity, knowledge and fun come to life.

Michelle Campbell

Michelle Campbell brings with her years of experience behind the chair. After recognizing her style was evolving with her clients, Michelle began to develop her intuitive style of cutting.  Her reigning technique of anti-structure and non-geometric techniques, Michelle brings the art of sculptural hairdressing. She uses strand by strand assessment and the hair’s natural fall to teach and create real wash and wear hair. Michelle’s classes provide an inspiring  experience, bringing the new school of  hairdressing to the stage. Making her debut with Fox & Jane back in 2014, Michelle left her audience hungry for her unique style of haircutting. Teaching stylists how to free cut on mainly dry short hair, Michelle creates a purposeful and foundational formula to create current and alluring looks on all types and lengths of hair. After attending Michelle’s Workshop you will learn how to cut hair the artists way, in an educational and rewarding experience.