Lip Care and Fighting the Effects of Aging
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Why are many women so devoted to getting Botox injections in their lips? Because thinning lips are one of the telltale signs of aging.  In spite of this fact, the lips are sometimes overlooked by women, as revealed in their beauty routines.


Are you including lip care as a part of your daily beauty ritual?  It’s not uncommon for women to fight aging religiously by washing off their makeup every night and applying moisturizer night and day.  But the lips need a lot of attention, too; and they aren’t usually a part of a woman’s beauty regimen.


The fact is that your lips are a big giveaway to your age.  That’s largely because the lips don’t have a moisture supply from the body; so moisturizing the lips all depends on you.   Thinning skin is part of the aging process, and it shows more on the lips.


Don’t be alarmed if you’ve been neglecting your lips.  The good news is that damage to the lips caused by dryness or too much sun exposure is highly repairable, more so than other parts of your face.


The top two ways to fight premature aging of the lips are:

  1. Moisturize them daily
  2. Protect your lips from the harmful rays of the sun


When you buy moisturizing lip products, look for the ones that double as sunscreens.  Blistex, as an example, releases alpha-hydroxy ingredients which help your lips age with more grace; but make sure you buy Blistex with sunscreen.



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