Advanced haircolor class designed to teach the art of Foilayage (Balayage inside foil) in a Diamond pattern for maximum lift in one session while leaving an organic halo of depth or root shadow. The techniques of Baby lights, ombre, and foilayage are blended together to increased lightness toward the mid-lengths and ends. Base breaking and shadow toning are also incorporated to create perfect transitions and graduation of color.

(Brunette Dollhead encouraged for use during hands-on)

*See Instagram @ashleenormanhair

hashtag #DiamondPaintBalayage

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We were very fortunate to engage Dario Cotroneo to take him on tour nationally to present in 9 cities. Dario is a sought after educator in Australia which was very apparent by his recent Hair Expo Business in Education Award, 2016. Dario has mentored and helped thousands of hairdressers in Australia, UK and USA with his teachings on how to gain back the respect that our industry and our stylists deserve. His messages are very powerful and life changing and will leave every stylist proud of who they are. Dario “touches” those that he teach. He is humble, compassionate, funny, polished and respectful. I highly recommend him to make a difference to any business or any individual. His lessons are actually life lessons. Regardless of age or experience everyone walks away grateful that they have attended.

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An in-depth look at how to achieve Farhana’s signature Triple Threat - Paint, Melt, Razor to deliver the most beautiful colours and complimenting shapes. This is a 2-day course which features 3 LIVE models where Farhana will demonstrate each of her signature techniques with a strong focus client interaction. Farhana believes strong consultations will set you up for the most success and keep your guests loyal for years to come! She will also cover her Social Media Best Practices to give you insider tips on how to leverage your business using the most used marketing platform in our industry.

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