Tips for Applying Blush Beautifully
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Blush is an essential element in makeup application because it’s what gives you a youthful glow.  The radiant natural blush produced when you’ve been out in the cold for a while or that children have naturally is a beautiful feature which adds radiance to your face.  Experts say that one of the biggest mistakes a woman can make when applying makeup is to choose not to use blush.


How to Apply Blush


Blush should be applied to the fullest part of your cheek.  If you aren’t sure where your cheek is, smile; this will give your cheek definition.  Using your blush brush, sweep your blush upward toward your temple.  To achieve a more natural look, use a cotton ball to blend the blush.  Be careful to eliminate strips of color.


There’s more than one way to apply blush.  You can also choose to put on your blush after your moisturizer and before applying your foundation.  This method produces a subtle, more natural glow.


Types of Blush


  • Cream blush is a good choice for mature women who tend to have dry skin.  Cream blush provides additional protection and nourishment to your face.  The way to apply cream blush is to dot it along your cheekbone.  Blend the blush up and out in a circular motion into the apple area of your cheek, using a makeup brush or a sponge.  Be sure to blend the blush at the hairline.
  • Gel blush provides a sheer look that’s popular with teens.
  • Powder blush is the most popular type of blush, and it tends to be the most long-lasting.


How to Choose a Blush Color


  • If you want an overall natural, fresh look, use a subtle blush or a bronzer on your cheeks.
  • To determine what your most natural look is in a blush, notice the color of the glow in your checks when you’re blushing from being outside in the cold weather.
  • One rule of thumb with blushers is to match your lipstick to your blush.  For instance, you don’t want to mix a reddish lipstick with a peach-colored blush.  In other words, the blush should have the same shade of undertones as the lipstick, to produce a cohesive look.



By Stevie McHugh


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