Kiki Losada  

Kiki has been in the industry since 2008 and with Fox & Jane in NYC since 2013. Kiki believes education and coaching are extremely important because the beauty industry is always changing and evolving to meet current trends and create new looks.

Growing  throughout the years from assistant, to stylist, to educator Kiki’s says “It feels amazing to give back!” Her current journey in education is teaching Advanced Color and Fox & Jane Balayage for our newly hired stylists. Her techniques are unique and detailed to better these stylists craft when they are behind the chair.

Kiki’s motivation to teach stems from realizing that there is never an end to our potential in creativity and she enjoys showing others different paths to take to achieve their hair goal. There are a million different ways to achieve a similar look and keeping an open mind is mega important.

Her favorite thing about doing hair are her client’s reactions and responses to how her work affects their day, month, or even year. Hair is one of our best accessories!

Jennifer Luna

Our very own Culture Fox, Jennifer, has been with the company as the doors opened back in 2011. Known as Jen within the Fox Family, she worked closely with Co-Founder Lorean to bring their assistants education and a path of growth in a supportive and loving environment. Jen’s inspiration for Education comes from her own mentors that showed her what it is to give back and share knowledge to our fellow hairdressers in training.

Names like Vidal, Bumble & Loreal drove Jen to share her love for teaching. By teaching each student as an individual, with patience and creativity her students have grown into talented & in demand stylists within the company.

Jen’s own creativity with her clients lie in curls, curls, curls!!!! As a long time colorist, many of her clients have been with her since before Fox & Jane’s doors opened. She has recently found re-inspiration in cutting as old trends have recycled into fresh new looks.

You can find Jen and her charm in our Education space teaching baby Foxes all the way to our advanced Foxes!!

Shay De Oliveira

When a great learner becomes a great teacher our very own Shay takes over! As a veteran of the company since 2013 Shay’s approach on education is Education + Creativity + Determination = homegrown Fox greatness!!! Her ability to create multiple ways to approach a certain look gives each student the freedom to learn their way into style, passion & beautiful hair.

Shay draws education inspiration from her mentors in the arts who showed her how impactful education can be in its greatest form. Her influencers in hair range from Sassoon to Raymond Bessone to B&B and beyond!

Working at Fox & Jane has been the driving force in her passion for continual growth. Shay loves beautiful transformative looks for her clients. Her knowledge of hair chemistry sets her above and beyond just a normal color service.

You can find Shay in the Education space creating energy & new classes for our baby Foxes!!

Ronan Dos Santos

A baby Fox, that gets a chair, that passes the torch through education is called Ronan. Ronan has become an in – demand stylist behind the chair and knows our culture of giving back, great customer service and of course, amazing hair!! Since early 2014 he has been influenced by our team at Fox & Jane from our CEO Lorean, to our leaders Vanessa & Keiffer to name a few. Hair magicians like Tracey Cunningham, Ahn co Tran and Buddy Porter inspire Ronan’s path to education.

Being heavily involved in our assistant education Ronan brings his relatability of his journey to his classes. He enjoys seeing transformation happen right before their eyes! Being able to show alternative ways to create a look Ronan brings patience and passion to all of his students.

You can find Ronan creating chic looks for his clients in our LES location and trailblazing our baby assistants in our Education space.


Shyer leads our Colorado assistant program, growing our passion for education across the country! Shyer has been with Fox & Jane since mid 2016 and has become a strong leader in education and culture.

Shyer was initially attracted to education back in beauty school.  She had an easy experience absorbing the information and loved learning about hair. She spent her early days tutoring her classmates and helping teach classes. Her inspiration comes from the belief that education is what keeps us growing as stylists and teammates.

Throughout her classes she keeps students engaged by asking their thoughts and questions on their new information.  This keeps everyone engaged and excited about their new tools!. Shyers key to teaching “If they don’t understand the importance of what they’re learning, it won’t be retained.”

Consistently expanding her comfort zone she keeps up on the science and creativity within the industry. Shyer loves the analytics of being a hairstylist. The science of hair and color chemistry has always been something that has interested her.  Some of her favorite work behind the chair includes doing a major change or color correction and having to problem solve.