Meet The Foxes




Straight from the Sunshine State, Sierra gave up her dreams of becoming a vampire slayer and  poured her heart and soul into anything beauty related! Truly a creative at heart, Sierra has a love for everything color- from blondes to vivids, and she never shies away from big bold changes that have her guests feeling like their best selves. Whether she’s talking classic horror movies, photography skills, or creating some major #hairgoals, Sierra is all about making that one of a kind connection that has you feeling welcomed and understood. So go ahead, let Sierra give you that hair transformation you’ve been dying for!



Meet Morgan! Combining her adventurous spirit, with a vibe that’s always the life of the party, Morgan thrives when she can connect with those around her. From effortlessly lived-in colors, to seamless extensions, and bold blondes, Morgan specializes in styles that make you feel like your very best self. With an eye for the latest trends, and a strong believer in expressing your personal style through fashion and beauty, Morgan understands the importance of creating a hair journey that suits your lifestyle, while always having fun along the way.



Meet Sam! Adventurous, outgoing, and a lover of all things beauty, Sam brings some Arizonan sunshine with everything she does. Specializing in extensions, and all things blonde, from subtle dimension to major corrections, it’s clear that Sam brings that “level-up” vibe with every service. From creating some of the most sought after styles, traveling to music festivals, and binge watching her fave horror movies, Sam has the ability to make every experience unlike any other!



Meet Maddy! Making her way from Minnesota with all her favorite true-crime podcasts, Maddy believes that self-expression through hair goes hand in hand with feeling like your best self. From gender-affirming styles, to effortless blondes, incredible color transformations, and some of the most sought after cuts, Maddy loves creating curated hair journeys that truly reflect who you are. With a natural instinct to build trust and understanding with everyone she meets, spending time with Maddy is like spending time with a long time friend.



Meet Oceanna! Born and raised in Colorado, Oceanna is consistently inspired by her family, the outdoors, and traveling the world. With a passion for creating some of the most sought after styles, Oceanna has an eye for detail and artistry that truly goes above and beyond. From the latest blonding techniques, to precision cutting, major color corrections, and dimensional colors that look effortless, it’s obvious that Oceanna knows how to combine beauty with a touch of cool.



Meet Chelsey! Pairing her love for adventuring with her natural ability to make everyone feel like an instant friend, Chelsey is all about creating one of a kind journeys based on great hair with a touch of Hawaiian warmth. From dimensional blondes, to precision cuts, and major color transformations, this Fox never shies away from any hair goal. So whether you’re chatting with Chelsey about great comfort food, breathtaking hiking spots or a really good book, you can always count on two things: a good time with a new BFF and the hair you’ve been dreaming about!

Kristen hair stylist


Meet Kristen! She made the trek from Long Island, New York to join the Fox & Jane family in Denver! She’s an easy-going stylist who loves everything about hair, especially color melting and the finishing styling. In her spare time, Kristen is zealous about her quest to learn as much information about the latest and most inspired trends in hair. Don’t miss out, get in her chair today!



Meet Dan! With years of extensive training under his belt, Dan has an eye for precision and the creative skills to go above and beyond with everything he creates. From travel to music, and movies, Dan grabs inspiration from the world around him, and embraces both classic styles, as well as ever changing trends. Passionate about creating movement and texture, impactful changes, and styles that push boundaries, Dan has the ability to make your hair goals come to life.