“Nicole Cordoba, an artist and brand leader at Fox & Jane Salon, is noticing a surge in fashion shades, like purple or pink. ”

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““It’s a very androgynous cut,” says Kristin Rankin, the hairstylist behind Masterson’s new look, and the owner of Toronto’s Fox & Jane salon. Rankin says they get a lot of requests for the mullet.”

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“Three months later, Fox & Jane hairstylists are seeing an average of three to four clients each day, and the Brooklyn location has been extremely busy. From having clients wait outside to sanitizing everything but the walls, here’s an inside look at what it’s like to be a hairstylist right now.”

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“In 2020, 40% percent of our consumer population is going to be (millennial or generation Z), and we have to listen to what they have to say. And what they are saying is they’re fluid and they do not want to be put in boxes ”

Salon logo

“King says that when there’s a buildup of product in your scalp, its natural oils can’t spread through your hair. But washing it too often causes irritation to the scalp, which secretes more oil to protect itself.”

The Strategist

“Loren and I talk about building a collaborative culture in a non-office environment, how everyone can learn from success, feedback, and mis-steps, how to grow consistent culture across multiple locations, and how to stay connected and informed with what’s happening on the floor. ”

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“Fox & Jane does not tier its stylists, ensuring every service is carried out with the same expertise. Its genderless menu charges by length of hair and time of service, keeping prices fair.”

5280 The Denver Magazine Logo

“F&J embraces fun and community and prioritizes salon culture to the point that Cairns even wrote a book about it (in addition to hosting stylist education classes and events). ”

JetSetter logo

“Lorean is back to share how important culture is to the success of our salon businesses. She covers how to start identifying the purpose and mission of your salon, and how to grow your team and culture while at the same time, protecting it from culture crushers. 

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“According to Brittany JonesFox & Jane Salon’s regional partner for the Colorado locations, pastel coloring and sunny days don’t always mix well. Keep clients happy with their dye job going into summer by sharing Jones’ at-home maintenance tips with them”

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“According to one of Fox & Jane Salon‘s lead stylists, Brittany Jones, you shouldn’t have any issues with frequency as long as you’re using the correct shampoo for your hair type. 

Seventeen logo

Lorean joined BTT to share why the salon’s culture is critical in attracting stylists and clients. Culture is the air we breathe—the life of the business. 

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“At FOX & JANE we believe in great hair for all. Working hard towards your hair dreams and making you feel your best self is what we are here for.”

Denver Style Magazine Logo

“The best cuts for round face shapes are those that create corners where there aren’t any,” explains Lorean Cairns, Fox & Jane co-founder and creative director.

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“Turns out your hair care routine doesn’t need to take up a full hour. In fact, pro hairstylist Brittany Jones’s routine is so low-maintenance, you’ll want to adopt it yourself.”


“Matt King, director of education at Fox and Jane Salon in NYC says, “With an oval shaped face there literally is no wrong version of a bob.””

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After moving to New York to be in the epicenter of hair and fashion, she couldn’t find a salon that fit her down-to-earth, cheerful style. “What I experienced was really competitive, really hierarchical. It was really toxic for me,” says Cairns.

Swaay Logo

“The vibe is friendly (I spent the entirety of one visit getting restaurant recommendations from co-owner Lorean) and I always walk out of there wanting to take a bunch of selfies—the mark of a good hair appointment.”

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“Brittany brings effortlessness to blondes, balayage, and any cut a client could need.”

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“The company, which has locations in New York, California and Colorado, now offers the service in their Brooklyn salon.”

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“Foilyage is a technique where the color is painted on the hair, just like balayage, but then each painted section is wrapped in foils. This amplifies the effect,” says Lorean Cairns, the owner of Fox & Jane hair salons in New York City and San Diego.

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“I would avoid being experimental and doing anything such as [dying your hair] pastel or platinum blonde, which can take years to undo,” says Lorean Cairns, cofounder and creative director of Fox & Jane Salon in New York City.

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“Most real-life brides don’t have on-site stylists to stay on call for the entire wedding day, and this braided style is something that’ll stay put through the night,” says Lorean Cairns, co-founder and creative director of Fox & Jane Salon.

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“To get rid of excess product, New York City hairstylist and co-founder of Fox and Jane salons Lorean Cairns recommends washing with a gentle clarifying shampoo once a month. ”

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“As long as you’re using decent hair products, there’s really no need to use clarifiers regularly, says Lorean Cairns, owner of Fox & Jane Salon. In fact, those products could do more harm than good.”

Reader's diggest

“Considering a deeper hue? Matt King, colorist at Fox & Jane in San Diego, suggests dark red violets and jewel-toned colors, such as rich true red, solid jet (blue) black, and dark deep brown.”

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“The number-one tip I tell brides when it comes to their wedding day hair is that you want to feel like the best version of yourself,” says Lorean Cairns, founder of Fox & Jane Salons.

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This latest take on the hair-that’s-the-color-of-other-things trend comes courtesy of Chereen Monet at Fox & Jane Salon in New York City, but she’s not the only one who’s developed a color crush on this subtler take on rave hair.

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“Emilia Clarke’s character, Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones has created thousands of imitators and #motherofdragons hashtaggers attempting to nail the look, says Lorean Cairns, owner of Fox & Jane, a New York City hair salon.”

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“New York-based Fox & Jane is a salon that has quickly grown to be a tour de force in the hair industry.”

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Major Valentine’s Day Spa Deals for Date-Ready Hair, Makeup, and More

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“If you have a good relationship with your salon, but aren’t 100 percent happy with the outcome, just calmly state your dissatisfaction and ask to revisit your stylist.”


“The color you had when you were a kid is the most flattering natural color on your skin type,” Lorean Cairns, co-founder of Fox & Jane salons in New York, California and Colorado, told TODAY Style.


“If you love an AM shower, but don’t have time to blow dry your, try this genius trick, courtesy of Lorean Cairns, co-founder and creative director Fox & Jane, a hair salon in New York City.

Reader's digest

“And over-doing it won’t make your hair come out in clumps like my mother warned, but permanently dyeing your hair too often could lead to mid-length breakage—and you run the risk of the color not taking, says Lorean Cairns…”


“Clients are already seeing this trend and because of its fresh and unique nature, everyone is asking for it,” says Lorean Cairns, founder of Fox and Jane Salons.

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“In just four years, Fox & Jane have opened four NYC salons, and judging from the post-blowout snaps on the brand’s Instagram feed, it’s easy to see why their stylists are in such high demand.”

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Instead of shampooing and conditioning from root to ends, Lorean Cairns, Fox & Jane Salon Co-Founder and Creative Director, recommends simply shampooing your roots, and only conditioning your ends once to twice a week.

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“Long hair takes more time to care for at home, and short hair takes more time to care for at the salon,” says Cairns.

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Lorean Cairns is the driving force behind Fox & Jane, a top-rated salon with multiple locations in NYC, San Diego and Brooklyn. She’s known for her flawless expertise, cutting edge skills, dramatic color changes and gorgeous cuts.

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“So when one of Brooklyn’s top salons, Fox & Jane, asked me to come by for a complimentary style, I jumped at the chance.”


“Ombre in 2016 uses balayage highlights to create a more diffused version,” explains Lorean Cairns, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Fox & Jane Salon via email.

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“Soften your tresses with the treatment a few days before coloring so it’s hydrated when you get to the salon, says Lorean Cairns, co-founder and creative director of Fox & Jane Salon in New York City. ”

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“Shout-out to Lataye from New York City’s Fox & Jane Salon for tolerating my gazillion questions and nervousness about the bleaching and dyeing process.”

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“Finding a great city salon with expert stylists at prices that feel fairly gentle for this town (barber cuts start at $50, haircuts at $69) is not an easy chore. For that, Fox & Jane most assuredly got my thumbs up.”

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We spoke with Lorean Cairns, co-founder and creative director of Fox & Jane salons. Named the “colorist to go to in New York City” by Allure magazine, she’s one of the most sought-after creatives in the industry.

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“By adding small color pigments at each wash you will eliminate brassy tones that appear as your toner fades,” states Lorean Cairns,
Co – Founder and Creative Director of Fox & Jane Salon.

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“You wouldn’t wash a silk or wool sweater with a harsh detergent, and it’s the same with this type of hair,” says Lorean Cairns of Fox & Jane Salon in New York City.


“Obvious highlights that are stripey are a no-go. Keep your color blended seamlessly with techniques such as babylights or balayage.” says Lorean Cairns.

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“So I was thrilled to be invited to try out Fox and Jane Salon this past weekend. With four locations in New York and one in San Diego, Fox and Jane Salon offers a fun and relaxed environment.”

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“Hair changes often throughout our lives because of the seasons, hormones, medication, and even changes in water,” says Lorean Cairns, cofounder and creative director of Fox & Jane Salons in New York City.

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Co-founder and creative director of Fox & Jane Salon Lorean Cairns suggests, “Begin working with your colorist one year prior to your wedding date to achieve your perfect bridal tone.”

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“Each pastel color is applied section by section moving from top to bottom and then feathered out 1-2 inches from the scalp,” explains Lorean Cairns, co-founder and Creative Director.

Seventeen Logo

You may see us do this at the salon because it is effective, but doing it yourself is way more tiring, the angle is awkward, and it’s just not necessary,” says Lorean Cairns, cofounder and creative director of Fox & Jane Salon.

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“Lorean Cairns, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Fox & Jane Salon in NYC told that she came up with the look to create a new way of dyeing hair rainbow colors.”

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“Your colorist has to bleach your hair to a light blonde, and you might need multiple visits to get it light enough to apply pastel tones,” explains Lorean Cairns, cofounder and creative director of Fox & Jane salons.

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“While the act of washing your hair is pretty straightforward, the choices you make, such as the type of products, temperature of the water, and your washing schedule, are in fact a big deal in maintaining your hair,” says Lorean Cairns”

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“Fox and Jane Salon was created by Lorean Cairns, where her concept grew from one Lower East Side Salon in 2011 to a fifth salon in 2014 on New York’s Upper West Side.”

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“7 Top Stylists on the Hair You’re Going to Want in 2016”

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