Meet The Foxes



Location Leader

Meet Lataye! A New York City native, she always aspired to work in the world of hair and fashion. Her vibe is fun, fresh, and hip – which is in part why she’s thrived as a fox! But also her love of hair and dedication to creating inspired looks! Lataye considers hairstyling not only to be a job, but something that she loves to get up every day to do. Lataye loves seeing her clients smile from the time they sit down until they walk out the door! Call to get in with Lataye quick, she books fast!



Meet Karla! Born and raised in Colombia, and making NYC her home, Karla pairs her friendly and outgoing personality with passion for the arts, fashion, and design. Whether she’s creating dimensional brunettes, bright and bold color combinations, clean bobs or modern bridal styles, it’s obvious that Karla is inspired by everything the world has to offer. As a hard working #foxgrad and with a background in graphic design, Karla never shies away from a challenge and always goes above and beyond to make every hair transformation an unforgettable experience. You’ll definitely want the opportunity to grab a spot with Karla, so book now!



Meet Patricia! Extensively trained in France and calling NYC her home, Patricia is no stranger to the world of fashion and the latest hair trends. From bright platinum blondes to blended lived-in looks, Patricia is passionate about all things color and creating perfectly tailored one of a kind looks. Deeply inspired from travelling around the world and the people she meets along the way, this Fox is always up for trying new things and discovering the perfect hair journey for you!



Meet Taryn! Vibrant and fun in every way imaginable, Taryn has a natural talent for having everyone she meets feel their best. Passionate about bright blondes, creating seamless blends, and eye catching vivids, this #foxgrad never shies away from a bold look. Whether she’s behind the chair, catching up on the latest fashion trends, or dancing and singing her way through NYC, Taryn is ready and super excited to turn your one-of-a-kind hair dreams into a reality!



Meet Samantha! Homegrown in New York, there’s no denying Samantha’s city vibe through her savvy quick thinking and her love for connecting with everyone who sits in her chair. Always keeping your one-of-a-kind hair goals in mind, Samantha is a big believer in enhancing your natural beauty while maintaining the health of your locks. So if you’re looking for a stylist who loves sharing her fave cooking tips and her go to at-home hair tips, this #foxgrad is definitely the one for you!



Meet Mikel! He’s an Oklahoma-native with a sweet southern charm mixed with an electric personality all his own who’s taken the NYC hair world by storm! From drastic color changes, expert haircutting skills, to voluminous blowouts, Mikel loves it all. He lives for the moment where he turns his guests around to see the finished look in the mirror and a confident smile beams across their face! Whether he’s working at Fashion Week or behind the chair at Fox & Jane LES, Mikel has a welcoming aura you’re sure to fall in love with! Trust us- you’ll want to get on his schedule ASAP.



Meet Ronan! He’s a beauty and fashion junkie who loves to create looks that are cool and cutting edge. Having been born in Brazil and raised in Queens, Ronan has a unique artistic perspective that allows him to create looks that range from sexy and chic to effortless and perfectly undone. He is a self- described left-handed, “blondorexic” and a lover of all things fabulous. So if you’re feeling ready to have an experience, book with Ronan today! He never runs out of hair inspo!



Meet Erica! It doesn’t take long after meeting her to understand you’re in the hands of true New Yorker with a sharp eye for hair. She loves anything from the world of blonding with balayage & babylights to vivid fashion colors! Her trendy and playful style make being around her a treat in and of itself! The amazing hair you get is a bonus! Erica loves giving her clients a creative and relaxing experience so they leave the salon feeling confident in their new style. Catch her while she’s in the salon and let her work her magic on you!



Meet Amanda! This Cali gal made her way to Fox & Jane by way of San Francisco, and has been making magic with her laid back vibe and city girl edge ever since. Amanda finds inspiration in crafting cuts, gorgeous color, and creative styling techniques ranging from weddings to editorial! When she’s not behind the chair beautifying your locks, you can find her out and about enjoying nature and good food. Catch this spontaneous spirit at our Lower East Side location and get on her book ASAP!