Meet The Foxes



Meet Nicole! When you think of Fox and Jane and it’s familiar faces, Nicole’s is sure to come to mind! Having been a part of the first foxes as an assistant, she had made leaps and bounds as a location leader! Nicole has become one of our color correction specialists and blonding specialists. Her ultimate goal is for every client to walk out feeling like a million bucks. So come take a seat and let our color queen from Queens put you at ease!



Meet Antonio! Born in Romania and extensively trained in Barcelona, Antonio brings his European vibe and eye for the latest trends to the heart of NYC. Creating perfectly curated colors, from sun kissed blondes to dimensional brunettes, as well as effortless cuts and styles, Antonio believes that hair should always work to enhance your natural beauty. Whether Antonio’s leading a healthy lifestyle, snuggling his cat, or creating lived-in hair goals, he always goes above and beyond to make those around him feel like their very best.



Meet Silvia! Extensively trained in Florence and Milan, now calling NYC her home, this Italian is no stranger to effortless glam and trendsetting styles. As a cook, traveler, and lover of the great outdoors, it’s no wonder that Silvia draws creative inspiration from the world around her. With a detailed eye on your specific hair needs, Silvia is passionate about creating healthy hair goals that work for your lifestyle. So whether you’re looking for a major transformation, or some well deserved self-care, Silvia is definitely the one for you!



Meet Patricia! Extensively trained in France and calling NYC her home, Patricia is no stranger to the world of fashion and the latest hair trends. From bright platinum blondes to blended lived-in looks, Patricia is passionate about all things color and creating perfectly tailored one of a kind looks. Deeply inspired from travelling around the world and the people she meets along the way, this Fox is always up for trying new things and discovering the perfect hair journey for you!



Meet Vanessa! With an eye for detail and the unique ability to make anyone feel like an instant friend, Vanessa is all about making your hair experience unforgettable. Coming from a family of hairstylists, this #foxgrad feels right at home in the salon, and knows the importance of making you feel the same way! Between bold platinums, short cuts, lived-in balayage and perfectly placed babylights, Vanessa’s skills paired with her kind and welcoming personality make her unstoppable behind the chair.



Meet Catherine! Energetic, fun, and fashion forward, Catherine understands that the most sought after styles go hand in hand with feeling like your best self. Extensively trained all over the world, Catherine is passionate about creating curated colors, from blended blondes, to major transformations, and dimensional brunettes that feel effortlessly chic. Always keeping the health and integrity of your hair as a main priority, Catherine truly goes above and beyond with her artistry and craft.



Meet Karla! Warm, welcoming, and always the life of the party, Karla has a natural talent for having everyone she meets feel their best. With a love for her craft and a talent for all things color- from dimensional highlights, to dreamy pastels, to bold bleach and tones, Karla never shies away from a challenge. A true artist at heart, Karla understands the importance of creating looks that reflect each individual’s self expression.



Meet Gino! Whether he’s behind the chair, traveling the world, or exploring the world of food, this Native New Yorker is a true adventurer with an open minded vibe. Whether he’s creating perfectly effortless colors, show stopping vivids, or providing a healthy and smooth keratin treatment, Gino feels inspired by the ever-evolving fashion and beauty scene. So if you’re looking for an artist who isn’t afraid to push boundaries, and who’s always ready to share cat pics, Gino’s the one for you.



Bringing his many years of experience behind the chair, Cameron is all about creating effortlessly lived-in looks that have anyone sitting in his chair feeling like their best self. With his passion for expressing creativity through hair, it’s obvious that Cameron works to understand every one-of-a-kind hair journey. Extensively trained by industry leaders, Cameron specializes in all things blonde, from highlights to balayage, as well as blowouts that wow! When he’s not behind the chair, you can find Cameron enjoying a fitness filled lifestyle including Pilates and yoga, or challenging his culinary skills.



Meet Colleen! Back in NYC after living her best life abroad, Colleen is looking forward to sharing all she learnt from her Parisian experience. From hair, to fashion, interior design and photography, it’s clear that Colleen is passionate about finding the natural beauty in all things. Whether she’s creating soft blondes, tousled and textured cuts, or hand painted balayage, Colleen has an eye for effortlessly chic and timeless styles. You definitely won’t want to miss the chance to grab a spot with Colleen!



Meet Ryann! Drawing inspiration from living in Berlin, Germany, Southern California, and finding herself in NYC, Ryann is no stranger to fitting in wherever she finds herself and bringing SoCal blondes to New York babes. Ryann is all about enhancing your natural beauty by creating effortlessly lived-in blondes, dimensional color, and tailored cuts. Want a little extra – ask her about extensions! Whether she’s spending her time cooking, traveling, or behind the chair, Ryann’s energy is infectious, making anyone sitting in her chair feel like their best self.



Meet Maggy! A true go-getter at heart, Maggy has a “never stop learning” attitude and isn’t afraid to push boundaries when it comes to creating the most on point looks. Whether you’re looking for a bright balayage, perfectly blended highlights, or a cut that will have you feeling your best, there’s really nothing that Maggy doesn’t love when it comes to hair. Bringing a down to earth and laid back vibe to everything she does, Maggy’s a natural at making everyone feel taken care of instantly!



Meet Madison! Combining a touch of edge with an overall chicness to everything she does, Madison constantly has an eye on the latest trends and styles. Making her way from the Sunshine State, this extensively trained artist understands the importance of continuous education, perfecting her technical skills and going that extra mile for everyone who sits in her chair. Specializing in custom, lived-in colors, from blondes, to brunettes, and redheads, cuts that embrace movement, as well as editorial inspired styling, it’s obvious that Madison is all about creating a hair journey that truly goes above and beyond.



Meet Hailey! Making her way from the Sunshine State, Hailey’s positive and bubbly personality is just the thing to brighten your day. Intensively trained and incredibly passionate, Hailey loves creating anything from lived-in and dimensional colors to highly sought after vivids and pastels. Oh, and have we mentioned that Hailey’s certified in adding extra length and volume using the most gentle and modern extension techniques? Pairing her “glass half full” attitude with her beachy vibe, it’s clear that Hailey is the type of stylist who’s got your back throughout your one-of-a-kind hair journey.



Meet Jenna! She loves blonding almost as much as she loves laughing! Creating low maintenance, believable color is her specialty. She wants to ensure your color lasts for as long as you’re able to keep up with it. Her hair education includes everything under the sun, including color corrections – which she finds fun to do! – and creative and texture cuts. She’s also done editorial classes for fashion week so whether you’re looking for runway ready or to be a Scandinavian blonde, she’s got you covered and then some. Schedule now, her books are filling up fast!



Meet Stephanie! She made her way to us from San Francisco, where she went under extensive training to build an amazing foundation in hair! She loves everything blonding, from highlights to babylights to balayage. If you’re looking to brighten and enhance your natural features, she’s your girl! She’s played a few roles in the industry, including teaching hair and managing social media accounts in addition to building her fanatic clientele. When she’s not in the salon she’s traveling or exploring NYC with friends. Schedule today!



Meet Zoe! Pairing her witty Midwestern charm with a love for pushing creative boundaries, Zoe is known for adding a touch of edge to some of the most sought after styles. Whether she’s spending her time behind the chair, hunting for the best vintage fashion finds, or adventuring around the world, Zoe is always drawing inspiration from street art and the latest trends. From perfectly textured razor cuts, to low maintenance and lived-in colors, to bold vivids, Zoe always goes above and beyond to make everyone she meets feel like their best self.



Meet Shay! With a background in visual arts and a passion for learning and trying new things, Shay never shies away from a challenge or an adventure. Whether she’s creating vibrant reds, soft lived-in blondes or a clean and classic bob, Shay understands that achieving your hair goal is a one-of-a-kind experience! When she’s not behind the chair, this Fox can be found living her best life by enjoying the outdoors, painting, or baking up something delicious. Shay can’t wait to get started on your hair journey, so book with her today!



Meet Chelsea! Straight from Southern California, Chelsea is passionate about creating low key, naturally beautiful hair goals that focus on health and livability. Whether she’s creating easy to wear styles behind the chair, finding fun ways to stay active, or relaxing with a good book, Chelsea understands that balance is the key to your individual style. From rich brunettes, to fiery reds, and everything in between, if you’re looking for great hair to match your unique needs, this Fox will make you feel right at home. Spend some time with Chelsea- you won’t regret it!



Meet Roxyy! Soft spoken, patient, artistic, and fun-loving, Roxyy has the natural ability to make everyone feel like a great friend and leave with a killer blowout. From the moment you sit in her chair, Roxyy takes the time to truly understand who you are, making every hair transformation fun and unforgettable. With a love for dimensional brunettes to seamless blondes, carefully curated cuts and textured styles, it’s obvious that Roxyy goes above and beyond every time. When Roxyy isn’t behind the chair, you can find her chasing her wanderlust exploring new cultures, food, and fashion!




Meet Rowan! With a passion for perfectly effortless colors, and a low key maintenance plan that fits your lifestyle, Rowan builds a custom routine for every single human in her chair. Specializing in lived-in blonding techniques, rich and dimensional brunettes, and innovating new trends based on your hair goals, Rowan understands the importance of pushing boundaries and uplifting those around her through her artistry and love for education.



After years of working with top stylists, running around sets, and setting high fashion trends Jasper found her way to Fox and Jane. Hailing from the midwest, Jasper has always found a love in all things natural. Whether it’s the clean lines of a precision bob or the soft edges of a flowy layer, she can pair your new look with the color you never even knew you needed. Specializing in natural baby lights, bronde balayage and razor cuts she is out to prove that you don’t need to be anything other exactly than who you are to be beautiful!



Meet Michelle! Born and raised in the heart of Brooklyn, Michelle combines her passion for the arts with a chill and low-key vibe and a natural ability to make everyone feel understood and welcomed. With a strong belief that your look should reflect your lifestyle and features, Michelle understands the importance of creating a healthy hair journey. From major color corrections, to lived-in blondes, and timeless cuts, Michelle has you (and your hair) in mind every step of the way. So if you’re looking for a stylist who instantly feels like family, and always has your hair looking and feeling it’s very best, book with Michelle now!



Anjeza made her way to us all the way from Greece and Albania where she began her hair journey in hair artistry. Training throughout Europe, she experienced various hair textures making her skilled with anyone, including men’s cuts. She excels in balayage and color services, always making sure the finished product has lasting results! Her style is sophisticated and modern, and she brings a loving energy to the Fox & Jane team! Book with Anjeza today!



Meet Keiffer! A vibrant San Diego native, he brings a breath of fresh, beachiness to our Bowery location! He’s an expert in vivid and pastel hues and of course bright, California blondes! He has yet to meet a color correction he couldn’t turn into a masterpiece, so if you’re looking for major change, he’s your man! He has a passion for guiding his clients towards their desired style, whether it’s natural and effortless or extreme and daring. Get scheduled with Keiffer today!



Meet Nikki! Bubbly, energetic, and always down to match your hair goal with your zodiac sign, Nikki is all about great hair and even better energy. Specializing in all things brunettes and effortlessly dimensional colors, Nikki believes in creating styles you can truly live (and thrive) in. With a priority to maintain the health and integrity of your hair with every step in your hair journey, Nikki truly goes that extra mile to have you feeling and looking like a ten.



Meet Ariana! Fun, vibrant, and always the life of the party, Ariana is all about living healthy, looking your best, and an overall chill vibe. With a love for the latest hair trends, Ariana specializes in combining multiple blonding techniques to create perfectly effortless colors. From bright blondes, to soft dimensional highlights, Ariana truly believes that any hair journey should have both great hair and an even better experience.



Meet Elizabeth! Grabbing her inspiration from the world of music, fashion, and travel and with nearly three decades of NYC hair and beauty experience under her belt, Elizabeth has done it all! From working her magic behind the chair, making her mark on the world of fashion, movies, TV, and everything in between, she is no stranger to everything New York’s fast paced city life has to offer. With a passion for creating dimension, movement, and effortlessly lived-in styles, Elizabeth genuinely understands the importance of creating looks that are perfectly suited to each individual’s needs and lifestyle. Don’t miss out on a spot in her chair!