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Ib Handtied Extensions

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long hair

Ib™ Hair Extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair

Remy Hair is considered to be luxury in quality of human hair because the cuticle is left intact and laying in the same direction. Ib Hair extensions are not stripped and are silicone free.

  • – One pack of Hand-Tied Wefts bring 6 wefts at a total of 120g.
  • – Half pack of Hand-Tied wefts bring 3 wefts at a total of 60g.

For a guest wanting a full installation for length and volume a minimum of 6-9 wefts are needed. This may change depending on the clients scalp size and hair density. A guest wanting one row for volume 3-4 wefts are suggested.

Please Note: These are our recommendations. If you need specific recommendations a
consultation is necessary.


Consultations are required for each method in order to determine the proper installation method for your hair.


In order to best serve you, a consultation is required to discuss all aspects of the HandTied and Beaded Method installation and to determine if you will be a good candidate for this method. The health of your scalp and the integrity of your hair is our top priority.

Maintenance &

We can completely remove or replace your extensions!


Same cost as initial install cost.

Please note: If there is excess matting there will be an additional cost of $25-$50. If excess matting happens continually, we reserve the right to remove the extensions for the safety of the scalp and the integrity of your hair.


Stand-alone $100

Blow dry/styling is an add on service available at an additional cost based on the location menu.


Per Row $50

This service can be performed 3 weeks max from the date of initial installation.

Please note: This service does not include a styling touch up. This does not include removal or blow dry.


One Row Application vs. Additional Rows Application

If you are looking for additional volume and movement to your hair and love your current length, then this installation is for you. If you feel like you need to correct a haircut that may be too short on the face frame, we can certainly add some length by adding one row to help connect your face frame to your haircut. Have a shag and want to add a mullet? With a one row application, we can add length to your look and give you the ultimate shag or mullet. The choice is yours! Come in for your consultation and let’s make a plan.


Per Row $250
Per Additional Row(s) $100

Beaded row will have the beads under the wefts and will be visible depending on hair density


Per Row $350
Per Additional Row(s) $150

No show beaded row will have wefts covering the beads on both the top and bottom best for fine hair and guests who may have cowlicks or swirls that may show more often.

Every installation needs a foundation and sometimes needs additional support for length and volume. Once we discuss your goals in your consultation your Extension Specialist will determine how many additional rows you’ll need in order to accomplish the look you are going for.