Caring for the environment is our priority, and we are proud of all we have already done in our initiative to go Green. We are continuously looking for new opportunities to improve our environmental practices in order to impact a healthier planet. Here is a little about what we have done already:

• We’ve gone paperless by using digital signs, forms and receipts;

• We’ve partnered with local advanced recycling programs such as Action Carting and Green Circle;

• We’re reducing disposable products/items by instead emphasizing the use of refillable products/items;

• We’ve chosen in-salon retail and color lines that are cruelty-free, vegan, made with recycled packaging, and with little to no anomia;

• We’ve launched the use of 100% biodegrable retail bag that break down within 18 months and leave no harmful residue on the Earth.

Thanks for going Green with us!