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Lorean Photo

With a successful start in Colorado and several years of being a color educator under her belt Lorean opened Fox and Jane in 2011. After imparting her knowledge of all things color and cut related to her team, her true passion for culture and business education could really shine. Having built a top salon group in a short amount of time, it was clear that she had uncovered the secret and was ready to bring it to the public. With classes for stylists and salon owners alike, the knowledge you can expect to take away from a class with Lorean is truly unmatched.

Matt photo

Growing up Matt has always been a fan of the idea of doing what you love. At the time he started his career in hair he never imagined that he would be an educator. His love of asking questions, explaining things, and easy ability to stand in front of a crowd made the path easy one though. With a strong understanding of cutting skills and culture development he now looks forward to every class he leads as an opportunity to help his industry peers find a new way to fall in love with what they do every single day.

Kiki photo

Originally unsure of what direction she wanted her life to take Kiki fell into hair and hit the ground running. Quickly discovering her knack for teaching her clients how to care for their hair she began to take on a mentorship role with those around her. This pathway led to the beginning of her career in education. With her ability to make you laugh and learn at the same time you can be certain that you’ll never look at color education the same way again.